Can you get pregnant the last day of menstruation ?

Can you get pregnant the last day of menstruation ?

Many young couples are using this method of contraception as the calendar method.This method, when the days of unprotected sex are selected on the calendar a woman's cycle.In particular, it is widely believed that the probability of getting pregnant during menstruation is very low, so this period is considered to be the safest.However, whether all so clear and precise?Does the probability of becoming pregnant on top of it is the menstrual period (see. "Can I get pregnant in the first days of menstruation?") Or an end?Can you get pregnant the last day of menstruation?

probability of pregnancy during menstruation

Doctors - gynecologists in one voice say: yes, to get pregnant for the last day of month as possible.The probability of getting pregnant during this period is small, and it all depends on the characteristics of the body of every woman.Yet it exists.Remember that if you do not plan to become pregnant in the near future.

especially at risk of getting pregnant in the last day of the menst

rual cycle of women with non-standard.This is because if the time shifted menstruation, ovulation and the shifted timing.Accordingly, you can not predict the day of ovulation.But the point here is not even in the ovulation and sperm in a special cycle of life.It is proved that sperm can live in a woman's body up to 7 days.Thus, if the violations of the cycle the egg is matured earlier, and had spent all his sperm 7 days and lived to oocyte maturation, the probability of pregnancy is almost one hundred percent even on the last day of menstruation.One caveat: the very process of conception happen a few days after menstruation.

If after sex in the last day of the month you realize that become pregnant, then immediately find out with the help of the test for determining pregnancy will not work.The test will show a positive or negative result Only two weeks later.Immediately after menstruation more reliable result will study the beta-hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), otherwise it is called the "pregnancy hormone."It is produced germ cells constituting its envelope, these cells are called "chorion cells."The study human chorionic gonadotropin already on the sixth day after the supposed date of conception will determine whether or not you are pregnant.

gynecologists recommend protection during menstruation also because in this period the woman's body weakened immunity, too.Therefore, there is a risk of contracting sexually transmitted infection.As well as the probability of contracting infections.According

protection issues from unwanted pregnancy, consult your gynecologist.I believe that the child should be planned and welcome.He should bring joy to both parents.Then he will make you happy and save your family.