No monthly , can I get pregnant ?

No monthly , can I get pregnant ?

We all know that with the beginning of menstruation in a girl's life, it becomes prepared for the conception of the child.During the menstrual cycle matures a new egg, which is the period of ovulation is ready for fertilization.If fertilization does not occur, start menstruating.Monthly - is evidence that the organism is a girl or woman functions normally and there appears a new egg every month, which means that you can get pregnant.But if not monthly, it means something to the female reproductive system is not so, so many people think that getting pregnant in the absence of menstruation can not.Is it so?Let's investigate.

Can pregnant girl?

Can I get pregnant if not monthly, if they do not yet started?It is believed that the girl who has never been monthly, but had sex, there is usually no reason to worry about pregnancy.Her body is still just does not produce eggs and conception can not occur.While if the first ovulation occurred before the first sexual intercourse, the pregnancy is not exclu


science there are cases where pregnant girls at a very young age, long before the onset of menarche.For example, the youngest mother in the world at the moment - this is Lina Medina, who gave birth to her first child at the age of 5 years.That is, a pregnancy can occur in this age, but it will bring very great harm to the body flanked by an immature girls become pregnant.

After birth

believed that immediately after birth can not get pregnant.Nature was wise, giving about 8 weeks to restore the reproductive organs.A woman's body is rebuilt in the "peaceful track," restores the mucous membranes, normal hormones, the menstrual cycle is further reduced.

But can you get pregnant, if not monthly, at the end of the recovery period?Yes, you can, if you come first ovulation (because it happens before the start of menses).And so often happens is that a woman after childbirth just did not realize that she is pregnant, but yet not feel fetal movement.

It sometimes happens that ovulation is coming, but do not come monthly.And the first cycle can go unnoticed for a woman in the first month after birth.So there is a chance of becoming pregnant within a month after birth, even in the absence of menstruation.


Many women believe (this idea goes even from grandmothers and grandmothers), breastfeeding, makes it possible not to become pregnant.Unfortunately, this is not so.The lactation period usually lasting no monthly, but with excessive physical effort (lifted or moved something heavy) can "derail" this so-called "replacement" and trigger the beginning of the menstrual cycle.Therefore, you should not neglect the means of protection during the period of lactation.During the period of lactation response to a question about whether it is possible to become pregnant, if not monthly, unequivocally positive.


climax climax is also not a guarantee against "surprise" in the form of pregnancy.After all, it goes quite a long time, usually it lasts several years.And if at the time of menopause is not a long month, can I get pregnant?Yes, such cases are not uncommon.It is believed that the climax is over, if the month has not been in a calendar year.And if unprotected sex has been, even in the last month of the year without menstruation, not the fact that the body will not issue another ready to fertilize the egg, hastening to please you finally unexpected pregnancy.

Gynecologists believe that it is theoretically possible pregnancy during menopause.There have been cases that became pregnant, and 60-year-old woman.Another conversation that pregnancy that age quite undesirable, primarily because of the aging of the entire body.Pregnancy during menopause is associated with the emergence of health problems women the unborn child.

Uneven fruit

Most women believe that if the pregnancy, you can relax and neglect contraception.Yes, it's almost like that!But there is a small percentage of women, whose bodies are not yet fully switched to pregnancy, and the maturation of the new random egg can trigger a new pregnancy.Such cases, when in one womb two uneven ripening fruit, a lot of science known.

Drug discontinuation of monthly

In some diseases is that the monthly disappear or cease medication due to receiving special preparations (for cancer caused by artificial menopause).Again, the answer to the question: "There are no monthly, you can get pregnant?" Is the same.Can!The absence of menstruation is not a guarantee of safety from the risk of accidental pregnancy!Therefore, be aware of the necessary means of contraception reasonable.


Do monthly whether they, the woman should always remember about the features of the organism, to use contraception and take care of their health.It is not necessary to hope, that all by itself is formed or a miracle will happen and you will become pregnant only when you are comfortable.You and only you are responsible for your health!

Of all the rules there are exceptions, therefore, not to fall into those statistics become pregnant at an inconvenient time, we should not forget about prevention.In all cases, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to become pregnant, if not monthly, would be: "Yes, that possibility exists."