How to distinguish pregnancy from monthly and PMS?

How to distinguish pregnancy from monthly and PMS?

Many young women, especially those who want to become pregnant for the first time, are wondering how to distinguish pregnancy from symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).After all, in fact, and in another case, approximately the same sensation.

How to distinguish pregnancy from approaching monthly

If menses have not yet begun, and the beginning of the term of their near and appeared pain in the lower abdomen, it is possible that it is not approaching month, and the beginning of pregnancy.In this case, the majority of women have difficulties in how to distinguish that became pregnant or PMS.In this article How to start a pregnancy are useful guidelines to get all the details about the beginning of pregnancy.

There are some signs that will help to find out what became pregnant:

  • Nausea and vomiting - appear after the embryo implanted in the uterine endometrium and highlights in the mother's blood their waste products;
  • strong sensitivity of the nipples and breast swelling;
  • Drowsiness and a constant feeling of fatigue;
  • aversion to food or addicted to certain foods;
  • frequent urination;
  • strong sensitivity to smells and an aversion to some of them;
  • Headaches, migraines or dizziness;
  • level of basal body temperature (determined in the rectum or vagina) 37 degrees or more;
  • Positive pregnancy test (you can buy in a drugstore, in the case of pregnancy, it shows 2 bars).The test responds to the increased level of the hormone hCG in the blood, which can also be determined, passing blood in medical laboratory.Besides the normal development of pregnancy is determined that hCG every 2 days in the blood level increases about two fold.

More information about the main symptoms of pregnancy found in our article How do I know you're pregnant.

Uterine or ectopic pregnancy?

Among all cases of ectopic pregnancies account for approximately 2%, and although the probability that it will happen to you is small, it is important to know how to distinguish between an ectopic pregnancy from normal.It is important not to miss the fact of pregnancy, this is worth reading our article When the first signs of pregnancy.

Ectopic - is a kind of pregnancy in which the fertilized egg attaches to the fallopian tube rather than the uterus.This pathology is life threatening because it can lead to rupture of the pipe or of the ovary, if the fetus was in it.At first, when the embryo - is only a few cells, ectopic pregnancy is no different from the mother: the test shows the two strips, there are all the features described above.But 6-7 weeks, and sometimes earlier, women are specific warning signs of pathology:

  • sharp pain in his side (to the pipe, where the embryo was attached);
  • strong rise in temperature;
  • Great weakness, fainting;
  • On ultrasound embryo is not determined in the womb, but it is clearly seen in the fallopian tube;
  • If ectopic pregnancy hormone hCG level of less than in normal pregnancy and it is not doubled every 2 days, as in the intrauterine pregnancy.

treatment of ectopic pregnancy is carried out only by surgery, so at the first sign of this disease should be how to seek medical attention as soon as possible.It should make it a rule - in all complex and obscure situations it is better to seek the help of a doctor.A gynecologist can help you how to distinguish between periods of pregnancy.About how gynecologists determine pregnancy, you will be able to learn from our article How gynecologist determines pregnancy.