What is a pregnancy test is best?

What is a pregnancy test is best?

In our time is almost no one believes the first telltale signs of pregnancy, all prefer to use a home pregnancy test to determine, because today you can buy at any pharmacy.Tests are presented in a very wide range.

But before you run to the pharmacy, it is necessary to understand how a pregnancy test better.

How do pregnancy tests?

pregnancy tests and configuration of any kind are based on the catalyst, which reacts with the hormone, which is present only in the urine of pregnant women (human chorionic gonadotropin).This hormone begins to produce, as soon as the embryo attach to the uterine wall, and his number is multiplied by two every 48 hours.Tests different sensitivity to the presence of hCG in women.On the first day of delay a valid result can give almost all of the tests, which are represented on the market today.Newer tests can give reliable results even before the onset of the delay.

Types of tests:

  1. The first and most common today is a test in the form of test strips.This strip is
    provided on one end of which is attached a reagent, which reacts with hCG.A great advantage of this test is its low price and good accuracy.But it quite inconvenient to use because the urine should be collected in a container.Further, the capacity necessary to dip the strip, then to put it on a horizontal surface.These conditions must be observed, as reactant can drain and not to enter into the desired reaction.Then everything is simple - two bands that have appeared on the test after 3-5 minutes, refer to pregnancy, one of the bars - a negative result.This test is best done by collecting the urine after a night's sleep, as the hormone concentration in it is the biggest.
  2. Another type of test - tablet or cassette test.This is analogous to the previous one, which is more convenient to use and not very different from it for the price.In this form of the test strip on which a reagent is placed into the tank.In a special window you need to drop a few drops of urine, and after 3-5 minutes in the other window shows the result.
  3. third type of test is considered the most reliable for home use.This test is called a jet.It is extremely easy to use, it is necessary only to put under the stream of urine, which is getting a test for a particular channel, takes place in the part where laid reagent.Here, latex particles, which are aligned with the reagent bind to hCG and make it visible to the human in the test window.This test (due to its design) can be used anywhere, and sufficiently high sensitivity makes it possible to use at any time of the day.Its price, of course, somewhat higher than the previous two.
  4. Electronic Test - the most modern type of test, the principle of action which is the same - the detection of hCG in the urine of women.Here the result is visible on the display, and it is absolutely clear.After the expiry of a three-minute waiting, which in this kind of test is indicated by a watch as soon as the urine gets into the test, the screen or the inscription in English should appear ( «pregnant» - is pregnant, «not pregnant» - is not pregnant), or a plus or minus.A significant disadvantage of this test is its price, which is high enough.But this test can be used even before the delay, however, the accuracy will be lower.

If you are thinking over, there will a pregnancy test before the delay, read this article to test whether the delay will tell.