Can I become pregnant while erosion ?

Can I become pregnant while erosion ?

How many questions relating to health, occurs in every woman when she is planning a pregnancy!Everyone wants to pregnancy and childbirth proceeded without complications.To be completely sure of a healthy pregnancy prevent disease female reproductive system.For example, is it possible to become pregnant while cervical erosion?The issue is extremely relevant for our time, as many women do not know firsthand that this erosion.The incidence is increasing, and among patients who reveals erosion, becomes more and more young people.Therefore, it is no wonder that many women are concerned about the issues of whether or not they will be able to get pregnant and erosion as the presence of erosion manifests itself during pregnancy and childbirth.

What is erosion?

This section delimited redness cervical mucus of various sizes - from small to giant.Proceeds erosion, usually asymptomatic, so it is often discovered by chance during the next visit to the gynecologist.Rarely it happens that the patient complain

ed of pain and bleeding during and after intercourse.The causes of the erosion of many: inflammatory and infectious diseases of the genital organs, early sexual activity, hormonal disorders, previous cervical trauma (usually after childbirth).

What are the chances of getting pregnant?

assertion that you can not become pregnant while erosion, - a blunder.The probability of pregnancy, there are very large.For the period of pregnancy and erosion is not adversely affected.But we must remember that the existing cervical erosion can have a negative impact on labor and lead to breaks.If erosion is diagnosed before pregnancy, it should be treated.Now there are methods of treatment, after which the neck is not formed on the rough scar.

And do not hesitate if you can get pregnant after erosion.Of course you can!If erosion is diagnosed in women who are already getting up on account of pregnancy, treatment is usually postponed.It is better to do it after delivery.

another matter when a woman trying to get pregnant and carefully surveyed all items and the rules found nothing except cervical erosion for a long time.Here, erosion can be a cause of infertility, because the duration of the pathological process with the changing nature of the cervical mucus, its chemical composition, it becomes detrimental to sperm.In this case, do not delay treatment and see a doctor!