Can pregnancy tests be wrong ?

Can pregnancy tests be wrong ?

Women who dream to conceive a child and who are not ready for children, are equally interested in another question: Can pregnancy tests be wrong?The short answer is yes, pregnancy tests can be wrong.It depends on a number of causes and conditions.

Improper use

If you do a pregnancy test, not observing all the conditions, it is possible that you will get the wrong result.To learn how to do a pregnancy test, you can learn from the instructions that are included with each copy of any test.If not, think about it - and this is a really good test for pregnancy?Most likely, before you fake.

During the test result corresponds to the presence or absence of human chorionic gonadotropin - a hormone of pregnancy.Accordingly, if you have one, you are pregnant, if not - then not pregnant.In pregnant women, hCG levels are highest in the morning.Therefore, for a more accurate result on a pregnancy test is best done in the morning.Also not recommended to do the test before the first delay of menses.Starting p

ractice tests can be from the first day of delay, and the delay in the later days you will do the test, the more accurate will be the result.

Faulty test

  • It may well lie a poor-quality test.Quality should be neat and carefully packed.For example, the test strip packaging should be smooth and clean.Packaging good test from the top is often covered with cellophane.Strip itself also carefully packed in a separate bag and box is required to have a detailed and clear instructions without errors.
  • Buying test, pay attention to the expiration date.Test, the shelf life of which has expired, may lie.
  • Rarely, but still possible to meet the defective products to the pregnancy tests.These, too, can lie.

  • Many women believe that the price of the test - a measure of quality.Choose the test is more expensive, it is still you do not buy ice cream.

Test Type

now popular three types of pregnancy tests: the test strip, flatbed inkjet system and test the system.Which is more reliable?

  • Using testa- strips - the easiest and cheapest way to determine the presence or absence of pregnancy.The percentage results of truth in it largely depends on the compliance with the rules of its operation.
  • Tablets rarely wrong, and for the test need only a drop of urine.But to find such a pregnancy test in pharmacies is more difficult.
  • Inkjet test system is very easy to use and gives almost 100% correct result.

also beginning to emerge electronic pregnancy tests that simply tell you "yes" or "no."


happens that affects the reliability of the result of the presence of certain diseases in women.Do mistaken for pregnancy tests in such cases?Yes, they may be wrong.Thus, a false test result may affect hormonal imbalance and renal failure.False positive results can be obtained when tumor diseases.


We do not set a goal to denigrate a particular manufacturer's test for pregnancy.All of the information below on the item is composed exclusively of reviews on forums and women of Materials Online:

  1. most erroneous results are obtained by the test "Bee-Sure-S".
  2. less wrong in this regard manufacturers tests "BBTest", "Frautest", "Faith", "Evitest".
  3. most accurate tests of the considered popular test has been recognized as "Eve".

I hope we were able to clearly explain to you whether the tests are mistaken for pregnancy.Now you know all the main selection criteria and should be able to buy the exact test!