Do the test to show delay ?

Do the test to show delay ?

Not all women want children, but almost everyone wants to know about a possible pregnancy right away.Nowadays, the main tool for determining the pregnancy can be considered a home test.If you ask a practitioner gynecologist, he will tell you that most of those who came to the reception about the chance of pregnancy, has already received a positive result from a test.

The first sign of pregnancy - the delay in onset of menses.Typically, the test is conducted and only after menstruation has not come.However, some in a hurry to find out about their situation almost immediately after conception.And then the question arises: will show whether the test to delay menstruation correct result?To answer the question in detail, you should know that this tool examines the presence in urine of women of a specific hormone - human chorionic gonadotropin.

pregnancy test to delay

It is certain that the said hormone begins to produce a woman almost immediately after conception, but its concentration is initiall

y low.In non-pregnant women, chorionic gonadotropin may be present in the body in small amounts - up to 15 IU / L.Pregnant as it is produced in much larger quantities.In the first week - an average of 150 IU / L, the second, third - 2000 IU / L.

Therefore, it becomes clear that there is a high probability that to delay pregnancy test will show if it is.Conduct research into possible already at the end of the first week after conception.However, it is worth remembering that the earlier the test is carried out, the greater the chance of error.Sometimes the test canvas appear two strips, but one of them expressed slightly.In this case, you can not broadcast with confidence that the test is positive.This pattern can be observed in several cases.For example, the concentration of the hCG hormone is low.Therefore, it is advisable to repeat the test after one or two days.

delay menstruation Week - test is negative

In the case when there is a delay, the test will be carried out as much as possible correctly.However, in this case there are discrepancies.Recall that test the accuracy reaches 97% full.Therefore, it is likely that your score was in the remaining 3%.

Usually when monthly complained during the week, the hormone blood saturation of the pregnant woman is already quite high.But there are exceptions.In addition, various pathologies.For example, a decrease in the level of hCG hormone may indicate ectopic pregnancy, or on the possibility of miscarriage.

If the delay monthly per month - the test is negative, except for the above reasons, the woman may be failures in the organism as a whole.For example, violation of the ovaries work, which do not produce the hormone properly.Thus, the delay of menstruation may well be due to reasons not related to the probability of pregnancy.Therefore, it is very important when the delay menstrual cycles, contact a gynecologist, no matter what the test showed.