Does the test of an ectopic pregnancy ?

Does the test of an ectopic pregnancy ?

It is natural that every woman wants to know about the occurrence of pregnancy as early as possible.Way to do this is now a great variety.One of the most common and widely available - a pregnancy test.The principle of its operation is based on the determination of the content in the urine of the pregnancy hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which is released by the placenta formed a week after conception.By the 12th day of hCG reaches that level when it can already be defined test.

Is it always true test for pregnancy?

It is logical to assume that if the pregnancy, it will be sure to test.Is not a fact!The test can give a false positive result in some gynecological and endocrine disorders.The result will also be misleading if the poor quality of the test, expired or been manufactured incorrectly.In addition, it does not show, it's a normal pregnancy or abnormal, ie, ectopic.

Even if the pregnancy develops outside the uterus, the placenta releases hCG although its concentration is signi

ficantly lower than conventional.This explains the fact that the test strip is not as intense change color or not dyed, thereby introducing a woman astray.In a word, to be absolutely sure whether the test ectopic pregnancy can not be shown.

Definition of ectopic pregnancy

Now there are tests which show not only the presence of the pregnancy and the fetus, but also to diagnose pathological pregnancy.These systems detect the ratio of women in the urine of two forms of hCG: modified and intact.In normal pregnancy the hormone content of the modified form reaches about 10%.And with ectopic this figure is much lower.This difference is diagnostic of pathology.

Although such tests are complex and scientific development are relatively new, to use them as easily as usual, in the home, if all the recommendations for application.It is also necessary to know that for the diagnosis of normal pregnancy eta test system is suitable from the first days delay monthly, and for the diagnosis of pathological pregnancy - after 2 weeks.The reliability of ectopic pregnancy reaches almost 90%, which is quite a high rate of reliability.We can assume that this is an exhaustive answer to the question of whether the test indicates an ectopic pregnancy.

If you paid attention to the emerging signs of pregnancy, conducted a test and it was positive, in any case, be sure to see a doctor.Only he can say for sure whether you have the pregnancy, and how it takes place, in case of doubt, send in the additional examination and ultrasound.